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That Get Cash.

In today’s frenetic and fast paced world, grabbing your customer’s attention is more important than ever before. And nothing is better than a Video Sales Letter. Face it, we live in a viral world full of grumpy cats, laughing babies and endless epic fails.

Making sales online used to be as easy as putting up an old-school sales letter. Today, when a potential customer lands on your site if you don’t grab them immediately they’re on to the next bright, shiny object.

The Truth

If you want to make sales online,
you need a Video Sales Letter.

And the good news: Video Sales Letters can convert
up to 300% better than a regular sales letter alone.

Until just recently, you’d have to pay a small fortune to get a pro to write one for you. Well not any more.

The Now VSL allows anyone, regardless of experience or knowledge, to write a powerful, converting Sales Letter using the secret formula responsible for over $1 Billion Dollars in sales online.


Creator of the VSL

CEO of Now VSL

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That Goes Where You Go

Some folks play video games on their smart phones. Smart folks play money games: and Now VSL is one of the best word-money games you can ever play.

It converts words into cash. Now THAT is fun. That’s why we made sure our online proprietary software was fully responsive, and compatible with all browsers on both Mac and PC machines, pads, devices, and phones.

Why not make the next vacation that you take a paid getaway? All you need is WiFi and you’re set.


The Billion-Dollar VSL Formula

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There’s only one VSL and Sales Page Formula that can boast more than $1 Billion in revenue sold for customers across the world, in over 35 languages and counting: Jon Benson’s VSL Formula. Only Now VSL features the VSL Formula that’s been used by every top marketer on the planet, as well as start-ups, rogue Internet entrepreneurs, offline businesses, B2B, and more. Without “The Billion-Dollar Formula”, you might as well go at it on your own.

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Jon Benson Image

Click-and-Save Copy Proven To Work

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Anyone can provide you a template with cheesy copy that some second-hand copy hack scribbled on a cocktail napkin. Believe us, we’ve seen the cheap knock-offs, and watched as their customers came limping over to us. The Now VSL features line-by-line, word-for-word copy, written by the top VSL copywriter in history, and the inventor of the VSL, Jon Benson. Copy that’s been tested and proven to convert in hundreds of multi-million dollar VSLs. We don’t guess. WE KNOW. That’s why the testimonials on this page sound the way they do. With over 1,000,000 copy iterations and constant updates, your VSL will sound unique and convert like crazy.

Instant Sales Slide Formatting

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Listen, nothing is more frustrating than formatting the slides for your sales copy. So the Now VSL does all the work for you! Choose from the drop down menu and click on “Export to PowerPoint/Keynote.” Your sales letter will instantly be inserted and formatted inside PowerPoint or Keynote.

All Your Slides, Paragraphs, And
In One Convenient Place

We know that Powerpoint, Keynote, Word, Text Edit, and scribbling on Post-It Notes can be a drag when you’re in a creative flow. That’s why Now VSL keeps everything for you at a glance. Just toggle down to see every slide and every paragraph of your VSL or sales page. Click to edit, delete, or rearrange with a simple click. Take notes, and lock them right into the section you’re on. You’ll never forget another bright idea or killer hook.
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We Make Putting Your VSL Online A Snap

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You’ll find everything you need to know to take your cash-cow VSL from the Now VSL-generated Powerpoint or Keynote file, right to a final, web-ready Video Sales Letter. Even better: we show you the compression secrets used by the eight and nine-figure VSL pros that will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on hosting fees. Most marketers have no idea that compression size and a few insider tech tricks can make the difference between a failed VSL and a cold-traffic killer. Just this section alone can add a zero or more to your VSL revenue.

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The Persuasion Formula Videos
On Each And Every Slide

Sure, you can click and save your way to a cash-ready VSL. However, that’s not how Now VSL brings in the billions. The mega-dollar marketers want to discover WHY these copy tactics convert prospects into buyers, seemingly like magic. That’s why we give you The Persuasion Formula Videos: so you can see what’s under the hood, up the sleeve of the Sales Copy Wizard, and apply these tactics to ALL of your copy needs. Emails, blogs, ads, sales letters, opt-in pages, smoke signals… it’s that powerful.

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Killer Bonuses

For Rapid Results


Gets $1,191 In Bonuses, Including:

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The 1-Minute, 5-Minute, And 20-Minute VSLs AUTO-CREATED

Need a super-quick opt-in page video that pulls leads like a moth to neon? How about a mini-sales VSL that kills it as an upsell or live video close? Want the power of Jon’s VSL Formula in a direct-to-the-point format? Then you’re in luck: Now VSL’s upcoming software will auto-generate your 1-Minute, 5-Minute, and 20-Minute VSLs based on your long-form VSL entries.  (VALUE: $497)

Deep Dive Training Videos

Over twelve additional hours of deep dive training into the most essential components of every VSL, complete with live Q&A sessions and case studies. You have everything you need to be successful inside Now VSL. With this additional training you’ll have everything you need to become a master of selling anything online. (VALUE: $197)

Jon Benson Image
Jon Benson Image

Bonus 1

The 28-Day Product Creation Formula

Over twelve additional hours of deep dive training into the most essential components of every VSL, complete with live Q&A sessions and case studies. You have everything you need to be successful inside Now VSL. With this additional training you’ll have everything you need to become a master of selling anything online.

(VALUE: $497)

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Bonus 2

Your 30-Day Free Trial of Vidalytics

If you want to know how I get auto-play on iPhones (which JACKS my conversions), lead captures on video pauses, and countless other VSL master tactics, look no further than Vidalytics. I’m giving you 30 days FREE so you can check it out yourself!

(VALUE: $160)

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*Only available to Now VSL Pro members.


ChatVSL: Super Fast ChatGPT VSLs

The fastest way to get high-converting VSL sales copy using only ChatGPT!


Jon has taken one of his long-form VSLs and trained ChatGPT Plus to produce it for you…all in under an hour…and using only 5-10 words written on your part! ChatGPT cannot create entire VSLs without Jon’s training added to it…but now you’ll have it all when you select Now VSL Pro today. This is by far the easiest way to get a VSL…plus using Now VSL, you have near-endless VSL scripts you can use within the ChatVSL framework, including 1-minutes, 50-minute, and 20-minute versions! Over 4 hours of training…FREE!

(VALUE: $369)

*Only available to Now VSL Pro members.

Listen To What Customers Are Saying About This Super-Bonus Alone!

30 Day Guarantee


Now VSL is proudly backed by an amazing customer support team and a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means if you change your mind about this decision at any point in the next 30 days following the date of your purchase – all you need to do is email us, and we’ll refund your purchase. If you don’t make a lot of money, I don’t want yours. Fair?



..annual revenue went up about 50% (more) and I crossed the six figure (annual rev) line.

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..amazing value that is 3xVSL.

Testimonial Image

Jon your system (way of thinking) also has created a fantastic response to our Craigslist ad.

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Before this, I knew nothing about sales and I'm learning so quickly, is anyone else experiencing this?

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Jon Benson you're one of the few guys I listen to and learn from and you get it.

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Your program is so easy to implement because of the step-by-step formula.

Testimonial Image

We managed to close 13 customers in 7 days and increased our overall revenue by over 50%.

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boooooom! FIRST VSL I have put up… 1,399% BACK or 13.99x ROI…

Testimonial Image

Before this I knew nothing about sales and I’m learning so quickly, is anyone else experiencing this?

Testimonial Image

Jon, you’ve completely nailed (and over-delivered) on everything you’ve created.

Testimonial Image

First off I want to thank you for your 3XVSL training that I went through a while back.

Testimonial Image

1st off, let me say that I bought 3xVSL when it FIRST came out from a good friend of mine.

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It’s hard to express enough benefits to what people actually get.

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Your Sellerator system removes a lot of the hard work and makes me 2x, 5x, 10, more productive.

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We all enjoy your copy writing and our bank accounts enjoy it even more!

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I’ve said this before, your podcast is BRILLIANT! Especially when you talk about email marketing.

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*$1,720 Total Bonus Value

* Bonuses for Now VSL Pro only.

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Your Questions Answered

Just stop right there.

Think about what you’re saying…

You’re literally saying that this is “too much money” to spend on a tool that has a BILLION DOLLAR track record — the best track record of producing winning sales letters and VSLs than any other product in existence.

Nothing like this exists anywhere else.

Think of it this way:

When is the last time you saw a Ferrari on sale?

If you want a Ford Pinto, go somewhere else. There are several $40 “spit out blah blah” apps out there just dying to take your money. So if you want to entrust the most valuable part of your business to someone hocking a product for pennies, be prepared to get pennies in return.

Or, buy a Ferrari. (We’re far less expensive than a Ferrari, but Now VSL can earn you enough to buy one with pocket change if you apply yourself.)

The low-dollar knockoffs are shooting peas with a peashooter. Even then they miss the target, spewing out copy drivel that couldn’t sell water to a wandering nomad. They don’t deliver deep dive training videos, the 28-Day Product Creation Formula, Leads in a Box and a slew of other value-adds that can only exist within an actual business model.

Cheap sucks.

I get that cash may be tight for you, yet listen to what is actually true: you can invest a reasonable amount today and have me secure your payment in a “vault” for you over the next 30 days.

If you don’t see that returned to you in spades, you get it right back… so you’re out not a single dime.

OR… you can keep your money, bury it in the ground or try some unproven, hyped-up Internet marketing pitch-a-thon, and see nothing. Nada. Zip. No chance of making 2, 5, 10, or 100 times that from your first or next winning sales letter.

I’m the Godfather of the VSL, and the author of so many sales letters that made millions I’ve lost count. I’m also a hell of a good teacher, and my goal is not to turn you into a copywriter…unless that’s what you desire.

I have my finger on the nuclear bomb of sales and persuasion, as marketing legends like Andy Jenkins, John Carlton, Eben Pagan, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Brendon Brushard, Joe Polish, Perry Marshall, and more will quickly tell you. And, everyday business owners, from start-ups to Internet marketers making millions in their boxer shorts have their claim to fame owed to Now VSL as well. Just have a gander at the testimonials below and at the top of the page. See if you can find that degree of social proof anywhere else.

My job through The Now VSL and the Persuasion Tutorials is to give you just enough to get your message into your prospect’s mind, as if your sales pages were telepathic…beaming the words they want to hear, the words they say to themselves, right into their brains. They’ll feel as if they’ve been destined to hit your page, or as if you wrote it “just for them.”

Yep… dozens of guys have done it… I’ve done it too.

However, no: I don’t make those kinds of promises, because I don’t know how truly serious you are, or if you’re willing to take the risks that come with making millions.

I hope you are that kind of person… or perhaps you’re cool with just adding a lot of cash to your monthly bottom line, which is almost a given if you follow the 5-Step Formula to the letter.

Either way, there’s no way you’ll ever know unless you try it.

It’s true in a way:

I teach a form of hypnotic induction that includes pre-written copy for you that leverages rhythm (very important) and cadence. The copy supplied to you also uses NLP, or neurolingustic programming, which helps put your prospect’s mind in a state of receptivity, and that does have the effect of getting more “Yes Reflex” responses from them, that’s for sure.

However, this is not manipulation or coercion. I’m merely using their own desires and language patterns to talk “to” them rather than “at” them..and you will never figure out how to do this unless you want to study psychology and copywriting for fifteen years as I have.

No one will ever buy a product or service that they don’t already have some interest in. Talking people into buying stuff they don’t need is not the marketing tactic I teach. That’s called “being a total ass.”

I teach you how to reach the 90% who are on the fence… who know they need what you’re offering, yet need a push. I’ll give you that push in The Now VSL—and while some look at it as “credit card swipe hypnosis”, I look at it as the most dynamic way to sell a product or service to more people who actually need it.

If you mean will I offer you the occasional third-party solution that I use myself and that can help you make even more money, then yes… rarely. I don’t do it much because I have such high standards for what I send to my peeps.

And, if you mean my 19 product lines, all which are essentially in the category of “Yet Another Box I Will Never Open” IM product… the answer is absolutely NOT.

My first and primary product is The Now VSL. It takes the vast majority of my time. I’m not one of those marketers who constantly come up with the next hot-sounding cash-making scheme and sell it to you incessantly. My Now VSL is my baby… that’s what I do, and except for taking the occasional high-profile copy client, and my fitness e-books, that’s ALL I DO.

I don’t want to create one product after another. I wanted to create The Ferrari Of The Marketing Industry… And simply improve on it month after month, year after year… and that’s what I’ve done.

Absolutely. In fact you can use The Now VSL to help you with any sales message in any medium you have.

Some of this is done with The Now VSL machine itself. Other things, like using the 3X Persuasion Formula for emails, is covered in bonus video tutorials. I even cover how you can close robotically during a webinar or on a stage to increase your close rate through the roof!

You should never write another direct mail piece, presentation, or even email without having The Now VSL in your corner!

Sounding like me is a good idea… trust me. And you may take on a few of my winning copy mannerisms, sure.

However, your VSL or sales letter will sound VERY unique… and here’s why:

There are well over 1,000,000 variations of sales copy possible within The Now VSL. The odds of you sounding just like the next guy are practically nil. However, you DO want to have the same patterns that have been proven time and time again to generate the most amount of sales.

Here’s an amazing story:

I know a client that sends the same exact email out the first day of every month… and has for over 2 years now.

Every time he sends, he sees the same cash results… every single time. He’s even tested it once every week and saw similar results.

People need familiarity. Humans are “me too” creatures. So certain patterns and styles work, and will keep working because they tap into this need.

It’s similar to asking, “If old-school headlines worked so well in the 1930’s then how do they still work today?”

It’s because human psychology is slow to change.

Take advantage of it.

If you consider watching videos that teach you slide by slide, paragraph by paragraph, exactly what to do next… or even skipping those videos and just using The Now VSL to point/click/save your Words That Get Cash “hard”… then I feel sorry for you.

If you want to deep-dive into The Now VSL Persuasion Formula tutorials, then that will take you a few days… however, you can just start using The Now VSL as-is, although I highly recommend you watch the Persuasion Tutorials so you can understand what the wizard is doing behind the curtain. That will make you a ton more cash in the long run.

Absolutely. Hence my reputation. However, your success is dependent upon you taking action, and taking your online business seriously. That is why we offer a conditional guarantee. You show us you did the work, and if your completed VSL doesn’t earn you back what you invested over the next 30 days, I’ll put my pro copywriters on a mission to tweak your VSL FREE. And if that still doesen’t work for you? You’ll get a full refund, plus an additional $1,500 in free marketing coaching from us.

Listen: I know all the wannabe “seaside millionaires”… hell, people think I’m one of them because I live in a villa overlooking the bluffs and the beach in Malibu, California… a lifestyle that I earned before I ever created my 3X empire.

I earned it by using the exact same tactics you’ll learn, and producing $47 e-books with kick-ass VSLs and sales pages. Presto: millions.

But I worked my ass off… I really did. And I still do. I love my job. I hope you love yours as well, or that you’ll let me help you create a career you DO LOVE. Life is just too short man… you gotta do this now.

So if you’ll work with me, hand-by-hand through The Now VSL, I guarantee you’ll succeed, or I’ll just give you your investment right back if we can’t fix it with our free coaching. It’s a promise I rarely use. I have one of the lowest refund rates in the business, primarily because I radically over-deliver, and people make a lot of cash using The Now VSL. However, if you’re one of the rare ones, I have your back… 30 days on me, or you don’t pay a penny.

Now VSL is not taking new customers at this time.

However, please check out Jon Benson’s complete
VSL training for ChatGPT called ChatVSL.

You can now use ChatVSL to create a full video sales letter in ChatGPT in as little as one hour. Plus this is the only course featuring Jon’s 5-Step VSL Formula, responsible for over $1B in annual revenue for marketers everywhere.

This is the original VSL formula pioneered by Jon.

Go to to read reviews and see how it works!

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($1,026 In Total
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